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What copywriters do to activate and deliver content strategies.

8 chapters of practical, straightforward advice from expert copywriters and brand communication professionals.

Getting your content engine up and running takes time.

Get it wrong and you’ll spend too much time kickstarting half-baked ideas and wondering why no one’s backing your latest campaign.

Get it right and you’ll win over colleagues when you effortlessly communicate why and how your strategy must take priority.

No longer will editorial projects stagnate, as you’re pulled onto other things.

Finally, written content takes its rightful place as the central tenet of your marketing strategy.

If you already know why you need content
and if you already know what you want to create
but you STILL struggle with how to make it happen,
this ebook is for you: a logistical guide to delivering an editorial strategy that actually works.

How to deliver an editorial strategy that actually works

  • Why strong brand foundations are essential - and how to build them
  • Why you don't know your audience - yet
  • How a style guide can save your skin
  • How to extract original insights from your team
  • The processes you need to save time (and your sanity)
  • How a great tech stack really helps
  • Why content is only king if distribution is queen
  • When to repurpose content
  • How to make measurement meaningful for you

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